Monthly Archives: July 2013

Tech City: Hype or Hope?

I’ve always been very interested in Technology, and this interest was piqued when I was able to go on an ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ course at General Assembly in New York. What really impressed me was the community atmosphere that they had engendered in their ‘space’ in New York, and the stories from the entrepreneurs themselves who […]

Owned Content vs Independent Content

Just attended a very interesting Cognito breakfast byte sessionĀ – featuring Misys, Incisive Media and of course Cognito. As with all good panels, the discussion polarised around two viewpoints – Incisive ‘pitching’ how incredible it’s owned Media channels are in terms of journalistic content and targeted reach, and Misys taking the part of the large Enterprise […]

My name is Costa

I just read this interesting blog from Darren Rowse about the Power of Personalisation, and what struck me was not some top tips on blogging, but more on the use of names at coffee shops. Darren seemed to find it amazing that the new coffee shop he frequented was requesting (and remembering) names, but for […]