A Visit to Google Campus, London

Just popped over to the Google Campus near Finsbury Square Garden in my lunch break.

Exciting to see all the tech startups there getting stuck in! It’s a short walk from Bank ( 4-5 Bonhill Street, EC2A 4BX, not very well sign-posted but halfway up the street) – and once you’ve registered for free on their website you can use your registration code to pop downstairs for a drink in the cafe. Not that there seemed to be much space to sit – even the seats in the garden were full of laptop-toting whizz kids!

Actually, you can save yourself the bother if you look here there’s a 360 degree view of the interior. What’s obviously missing from the photos is the sense of energy and the plethora of geek founders that work from there. Looking on their website I believe there’s more than 25 resident companies there at the moment with typically 1-8 employees. And at a guess – about 18,000 registered members.

As well as renting desks, they also run all sorts of events and courses, everything from a BBQ cum Google Glass Ideathon on a saturday recently to WordPress courses.

Hopefully with more startup bootcamps like Oxygen Accelerator moving here, the place will go from strength to strength in fostering new and innovative companies to drive the UK forwards!


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