Monthly Archives: November 2013

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Yesterday I went along to the Gramercy Institute’s first Financial Marketing Forum in London, continuing their global series of events. It was very interesting with lots to discuss – but I thought I’d focus here on one of the top trends: Measuring Marketing. The event kicked off with Bill Wreaks presenting some of the recent […]

Sharing New Ideas

Have you ever thought of a great idea / innovation, and then done nothing about it? I’ve thought about this and decided to create a new category on this blog called ‘New Ideas / Innovations’ to capture some of my random ideas for new products and innovations – with the thought that, if I never […]

Image of Cat from London Business Forum seminar

Learn NLP in 2 minutes flat

Last week I went along to a London Business Forum seminar called ‘NLP Stripped Bare: The Secrets of Business Persuasion’ presented by David Taylor, and it was really interesting, funny… and importantly, brief! If you’ve never heard about NLP (or Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you can read a potted history on wikipedia here. I must admit to […]


What’s the future of integrated digital marketing? Probably best to ask an expert… like me! 😉 As this is my personal blog about marketing – I thought I should have at least one post that promotes my own skills. Check out this quick video I knocked up with some easy-to-use and clever tools: Look at the […]