Learn NLP in 2 minutes flat

Image of Cat from London Business Forum seminar

Last week I went along to a London Business Forum seminar called ‘NLP Stripped Bare: The Secrets of Business Persuasion’ presented by David Taylor, and it was really interesting, funny… and importantly, brief!

If you’ve never heard about NLP (or Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you can read a potted history on wikipedia here. I must admit to some ignorance going in to the seminar on the topic of NLP – partly because of some of the mystique and cost associated with putting in the time to learn about it. But that’s why I loved this session – it shared the learning and debunked the jargon surround the topic.

NLP seems to me to be a cross between business best practice, hypnotism, coaching, and psychology. To pick it up you would need to pay for a number of expensive courses (and become a Master Practitioner) or read up on the hundreds of books surrounding the topic.

What David Taylor and the team at @thenakedleader have managed to do is to read, and condense all the learning from NLP into 21 top tips.

In tribute to keeping things brief, I’ll wrap this blog up here and recommend that you follow the link below to watch the video of the seminar. It’s an hour and a half – but that’s your total time invested to get up to speed with NLP. In fact, if you really really don’t have the time, zip the video forward to 1:25:00 and you’ll learn it all in 2 minutes from David in top of the pops chart style! 🙂

Click here to watch it now!


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