Sharing New Ideas


Have you ever thought of a great idea / innovation, and then done nothing about it?

I’ve thought about this and decided to create a new category on this blog called ‘New Ideas / Innovations’ to capture some of my random ideas for new products and innovations – with the thought that, if I never develop the idea, at least I’ve shared it with the world. Of course, this could lead to a few different outcomes:

  • Someone steals the idea and makes a fortune from it. (well, good on you, I didn’t. But perhaps if it works out you could send me something as Stan Fox did to Navin R Johnson…)
  • Someone tells me that they have already had the idea, or it’s already out there. (then that’s great, please inform me, as I’ll use it/buy it – and credit you)
  • Someone gets a laugh out of how ridiculous my idea is! (happy to amuse, please feel free to burst my bubble… and/or tell me how great it is!)

This also gives me a forum to impress people with my innovative mindset and get feedback, without me spending fortunes on creating multiple companies, customer research, legal/patent protection, and packaging/distribution etc. SO if you do like an idea and decide to take it forward without me, I take no responsibility for any potential losses – you’ll have to do your own due diligence, and proceed at your own risk.

Having said all that, here’s the first two for you to chew over:

Idea for Getting Lost Items Returned to You 

Have you ever had anyone return something to you that you’ve lost? It’s very very rare I know. But there are good people out there, believe it or not, who would return something to you if they found it and knew how. I’m one of them – I’ve returned one or two wallets in the past, luckily because there was a name or ID inside that allowed me to find them via Google/Facebook/LinkedIn.

But how could you make it easier for ‘good samaritans’ to return things to you – without revealing too much about yourself?

The idea/answer is simple, so simple that I haven’t even come up with a name for this idea – you just use your twitter handle on a sticker.

So for me, I can buy a number of different sized stickers to suit different items (but the smaller the better for aesthetics), and then write on the sticker:



This way, the next time you leave your iPhone on the train heading to Edinburgh, you don’t immediately resign yourself to its demise. You log in to Twitter as soon as you can, and see if some helpful stranger has reached out to you to get it sent back to you. Obviously it’ll be easier to login if you’ve lost your watch and you’ve still got your iPhone…

Idea for Listening to a Curated Soundtrack Whilst you Read

Have you ever listened to music whilst reading a book or article? What if you could listen to a particular recommended track or playlist perhaps chosen by the author/writer to accompany it?

For example, I read a book on my iPhone kindle whilst travelling on the train to work, and I often listen to my own music at the same time. If there was a recommended soundtrack to accompany the book, I would be interested to try it out.

Imagine it – spooky music for mystery/horror fiction, or a classical track to accompany a holiday article about going to Tuscany.

Working title for this idea is ‘BoundTrack’, as in Book Soundtrack. I’ve set up a quick wiki here to get people started. Just create a new wiki page with the Book Title, and add in a link to a particular soundtrack or playlist from Spotify or SoundCloud that you think suits. We therefore crowdsource a list of suggested tracks to suit. Worthwhile adding in a link to the page about the book on wikipedia too.

Authors can then add a link to the BoundTrack Wiki within their articles or books so that readers can enhance their reading experience.

Let me know what you think!


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