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Ready for a change?

I’ve had a busy week this week attending a number of conferences in London and thought I’d share some insights on the topic of ‘preparing for change’. Tuesday – SWIFT Business Forum London: With 1,200 registered, the 900+ financial services attendees of this free one-day annual event covering all aspects of financial services seemed to […]

6 Things I Learned at FinTech Week

I recently attended the inaugural #FinTechWeek in the UK, and by all accounts it was a very successful launch! I went along to as much as I could, and followed along online for the parts I couldn’t get to, and here are my top six take-aways: The capital markets are still ripe for reinvention: Day one of FinTech […]

RE: Coding the Capital Markets

I went along to the CodeMesh Alternative Programming Conference today and though most of the talk of functional programming languages such as Clojure, Scala and F# went over my head, I did pick up on some interesting points from technology insiders in the capital markets around three areas: hiring talent; open source and R&D; and social/mobile technology. Hiring […]

Image of Cat from London Business Forum seminar

Learn NLP in 2 minutes flat

Last week I went along to a London Business Forum seminar called ‘NLP Stripped Bare: The Secrets of Business Persuasion’ presented by David Taylor, and it was really interesting, funny… and importantly, brief! If you’ve never heard about NLP (or Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you can read a potted history on wikipedia here. I must admit to […]

A Visit to Google Campus, London

Just popped over to the Google Campus near Finsbury Square Garden in my lunch break. Exciting to see all the tech startups there getting stuck in! It’s a short walk from Bank ( 4-5 Bonhill Street, EC2A 4BX, not very well sign-posted but halfway up the street) – and once you’ve registered for free on […]

Channelling Disruption

I recently went along to a London Business Forum seminar on ‘Disruptive Innovation’ by Clay Christensen, author of ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ and many articles and books on  the topic of disruption. The seminar was very interesting and inspiring, and to watch it in full – check it out here. Of particular note is the marketing […]

Tech City: Hype or Hope?

I’ve always been very interested in Technology, and this interest was piqued when I was able to go on an ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ course at General Assembly in New York. What really impressed me was the community atmosphere that they had engendered in their ‘space’ in New York, and the stories from the entrepreneurs themselves who […]